Hello Anyone
Let me explain what I think this blog is about right now
Right now In this blog
I have written to

When I write to Dreams
I actually writing to my future self
Who I hope have time to read a blog post from me
This blog post should be a blog post on whatever I want to write
Generally it is about my life
So if you Anyone want to read it feel free to read it

When I write to Anyone
I am writing to you my reader
generally this post should be a post that I think will be useful to you
Right Dreams

To have a successful blog the blog should be useful to Its reader

Some Random Blog I Read Sometime Ago In

Even though this blog still have much to go to be useful to you Anyone
But what It mean to be useful
Should I write to teach you about something
Or should I write to entertain you
Or should I write something just to tell you about something
That the question I should answer to progress in this blogging business’s and
That all my blog for now Anyone
I hope someday I will blog something useful to you
By the way feel free to give me tips in blogging Anyone



Blogging Journey 4


Half of the first month of the new year is already finnish



Here I am

Just living life

I want to do something but I feel like not doing it


This past day in this month

I have the thought of doing something

Like blogging

Doing game design

And many more that I think to do

But I just cannot do it

Because I do feel like doing it

may be it time to not follow your feeling too much

I have failed to do many thing


This past day of this month

I also have failed to do thing I set to do


Doing thing I set to my self to not doing

Mostly the bad habit I set to my self to stop doing

And I also

Have restart my life again the past few day

Even though I promise not to do that again

I have format my smart phone and laptop and

erasing or deleting all note I have written 

And this blog is not active

New Year

Path Of Growth

The Feeling

Hello Anyone

Blogging Journey 3

That is the blog post I have written this past month




Even though

I feel like my life could be much batter right now

But I still feel somewhat happy

After writing about it

so I should write more

And that all my Journey blogging this time




New Year

New year

Hello Anyone

Happy new year

Just like every year at the start of new year
Everyone will make their new year resolution
Just like me
Even though I never achieve my new year resolutions
But this year I hope it will be different
And my new year resolution this year is

To make money doing thing that I love

And there is two-part of this resolution

The first part is to know what I love doing
I still do now know what I love doing but
I know this

  1. I do not like working for other
  2. I do not like doing hard thing
  3. I do not like doing boring thing
  4. I do not like doing thing that do not give instant result
  5. I do not like doing thing that is mundane

So in conclusion
I would like doing thing that
Make me in control and give me excitement and easy for me

The second part is making money doing thing that I love
And this is the hardest part as I have no idea on
How to make money doing thing I love
Happy new year again Anyone
And what is you new year resolution

Path Of Growth


Hi Dreams
This is what my path of growth look like Dreams

The first path is
The path of random idea
This is the path I have been for the most of my life
In this path
I always dreaming of many idea that I want to do
And I always feel happy with starting new thing
But the problem with this path is I never ever realize the dreams I had
And if I continue with this path I will
Never finish anything and I
Will always wasting my time

The second path is
The path of deciding the most important thing to me
And Dreams
I am still stuck with this path
But I am working my self to
The Third path
In this path
I am deciding what ultimately important to me
Currently this is the thing I have
Pin point to be Important to me


And the third path Dreams
And the path I want to leap into
Is the path of rational planing to make dreams a realities
In this path
I should accept that logically I can not do everything I dreams of and
The logical best thing to do Is
To do thing that make we feel more satisfied and
To start setting goal and planning plan to achieve the goal
And do the plan

And the last path
A path I think will be long time in the future I leap into
Is the path of remembering the past and be happy with what had happen

And that all Dreams
For this blog post Dreams

The Feeling


Hello Dreams
What you feel today
I feel
Like I have done nothing in life
That worth to talk about
I have done nothing that is
Worth to be written on history
Maybe that what I want to do in life
Do something that worth to be talk by history
But may be the feeling I feel
Is the feel of not doing thing that in line with our purpose
Maybe we just feel the feeling because we are not doing a thing that make us closer to our purpose
But Dreams maybe we feel the feeling because we are not
Make a lot of money
Having a lot of status
Having a partner and family
Having a circle of friend
Having all the time to do thing we want to do
But at the end of the day
Everything that we feel Dreams
Is a feeling
And feeling will change
What you feel today is not the same as what you feel last day or tomorrow
So Dreams
I hope we will feel much better in the future

Hello Anyone


Hello Anyone
I have decide to call anyone who read this blog

First of all how are you today
Hope you are living a good life
A life full with money and purpose and happiness
Why I do not have purpose money and happiness
Having a job that not align with your job suck
Having a job and you still not know what your purpose is more suck

But if you Anyone
Living a bad life
There is nothing I can do for you
But I hope you life get better
And I hope you be happy with your current life
Not like me
Who not happy with my current life
Even though there is people out there
Who are living a harder life than me
But who in earth
Do not w nt better life
Sorry my A key do not working for a second there
Well never mind it work now
Yes I do not need to buy new keyboard
And I can save my non existing money

Do not want better life
A life with purpose
A life with money
A life with happiness
Enough with me complaining my life suck
It seem that many of my blog post
Is just me complaining my life suck
I should rename this blog my life suck
Maybe finally this blog will be successful
Yes I finally find my blogging niche
Writing about how suck my life is

But more on serious note
Hello Anyone
I am Realitys of dreams
Yes I know Realitys is wrong
Thank you to a blogger in the past that correct this mistake
But you can not change your email account
So my name is Realitys of dreams

And thank you Anyone
Who are reading this blog
And thank you Anyone who
Follow this blog
Your kindness is kind

So that all
That I will write on this blog post
So please comment
And subscribe
Sorry I think I am a youtuber a second there
Well I this blog start because I find making YouTube video is hard
Have a good life
Full with

Blogging Journey 3


What you are doing now Dreams
What do you feel about your life now
right now
I am not blogging too much
Even though I think I can do more
I only manage to post 3 blog post

Everything Take Time

I Am Not Successful

Blogging Journey 2

Maybe the reason for this few blog post
Last week I been focusing too much on way to get money online
I am starting to hate working on my day jobs
Doing meaning less thing for a little money
And running out of time for my own

But this past few week I been doing
Everything I thought that will make my blog grow
Commenting on twitter on word press on YouTube and Reddit
I should read the post more on Reddit and Twitter before I write a reply

You must do more

You should write more
If you can 1 blog post per day
If you cannot write quality maybe you can write quantity
And just hope you are lucky enough to be successful blogger
You must promote more
If you can you must be active on Reddit Twitter and WordPress
Do not just comment maybe write a post on Reddit
And you should do more research on how to grow this blog
You should focus on writing thing that you like
Not just About you life and how you do not like your life
I think I am running out of thing to write in this blog
You should write about new thing
And you should put more effort on this blog If you are thinking making money from this blog

That all Dreams
I can write for this blogging journey post
See you next time
I hope this blog is doing better
And I hope you are happy blogging

By the way Dreams you should think again about what you want to write in this blog